Terms and Conditions

By signing up to the IPAF Accident Reporting Portal and submitting accident data, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions below:

I understand and agree that the information submitted on the IPAF Accident Reporting Portal will be entered onto an IPAF database and used in accordance with IPAF’s privacy policy www.ipaf.org/privacy.

Any person submitting information on behalf of their employer will only do so with the permission and knowledge of that employer.

Any person submitting information will not knowingly submit false or misleading information.

IPAF reserves the right not to use data submitted. Individual information will not be used for commercial purposes nor shared with any other organisation or third party, unless required to do so by law or regulators. IPAF reserves the right to use aggregated information in an anonymous format.

IPAF reserves the right to contact those submitting data in order to verify facts and avoid duplication.

A company or individual has the right to edit or withdraw information submitted by or on its behalf.

IPAF is authorised by the person submitting information to use or disclose that information where required to do so by law.

This accident reporting database is additional to, and does not replace, any reporting obligation which a company may have in its applicable jurisdiction under health and safety legislation or otherwise.